And … It’s Wednesday

t is really hard to write when you have one character in your head going “I am not who you think I am.” It is also hard to write when you have a stress migraine that just will not going away. I am sick and tired of dealing with this pain.

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Yesterday, my baby boy became the proud owner of glasses. I am not sure how I feel about it. I feel like it is all my fault because I am the one with the vision problems in the immediate family. Josh’s side of the family has to wear them (or should, at least) but I actually have to wear them, or I can’t see, quite literally. It just really sucks knowing that I passed that on to him. He is such an amazing little guy, though. He is not letting this slow him down. He is actually proud of the glasses he has, and they are quite cute. He is quite cute in them. He looks so smart and studious, as someone put it.
I showed a picture of him at Gingerscraps, and now the ladies are debating on who he looks more like. I love that, honestly.

Speaking of Gingerscraps, it has a new look! The makeover is nearly complete. Ginger (and Stephen) did an amazing job on it. I think it just turned out amazing and wonderful. I have an awesome new av and everything for it. TWO of them that I can use. Plus, Ginger made really cute little signatures for it. I might have to steal the basic theme for them, and use them for my signatures there always. We shall see. We shall see.

NaNoWriMo is going well. Only one day with under 1667 words, and that was yesterday. Josh was off, Ethan had his vision exam, and I had a major headache most of the day from the stress of it all. So, I only wrote like 400-something words. No, I wrote 900-something. I did complete the goal, and then some. I broke 25k yesterday, and broke 27k this evening. So, I am ready for bed, right now.

I’ll see you in the morning. If I survive the night.


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