Weekly Winners: Oct. 28–Nov. 03, 2012

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. You can also follow my P365 blog, where I attempt to post pictures at least once a week!

NaNoWriMo Update: Well, I had a character change a name AND complete personality transformation. Which scares me for another that’s supposed to be showing up soon. He’s supposed to be Walter [Jeff Dunham puppet] like, and well, if he becomes more Peanut like, I might have to shoot the computer.

Then I had a character show up, out of the blue, who is the plot driver. But he’s dead. Confessed to something he didn’t do, and the punishment for the crime he didn’t do was death. So, that’s screwed up some things. BUT it gave my main character a reason to fight, to look for who actually did it. But she can’t do it, because if she does, she finds out the real truth, and well, that throws another wrench into things.

Oh boy. Characters are taking over … before Day 4 even started LOL!

Once again, I’m changing how I list pictures. If you follow me on Instagr.am, you see my Photo a Day stuff. If you follow me on Tumblr, you see it. So, I don’t need to show off all of them. I might do a few, but I’m not going to do them all. Just easier that way.

Preppy for NaNoWriMo time!

Cut with a Lightsaber

Pumpkin Cleaners

Just a Little Bit of a Colts Fan

One of the Younger Topeka NaNo’ers

That 4 GB card was my original. I got 48 gigs for FIFTY BUCKS!

Mom and Daughter

Playing With Apps

Cool Colors

Innards of a Pumpkin


My Cubbie!!

The Spider QueenMads
Halloween 2012

Preparing for Night of Writing Drunkenly
Mmmm, Pink Lemonade

Junior Stuff & Brownie Badges

A Daisy Mom Joined in Yesterday

Kaylee, one of our older Juniors. I LOVE this picture of her!



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  1. Good luck with NaNo! You’re going at a great pace.
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