A Week in My Life: Saturday

Adventuroo WIML saturday

Okay, just sucked for me. Staying awake until 1am, and then I get woken up early (early for me on non-Girl Scout Saturdays). I just felt really discombobulated and just out of sorts. It’s really reflected in the fact that I have only a few pictures.


SO, I slept in. Sort of.


As you can tell, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be a wake. Really loving on my hair color though Laughing out loud. At least SOMETHING positive is coming out of this Winking smile


My husband is absolutely amazing and made breakfast. Not shown is the . I’m not a fan of the white gravy. Give me the brown.


The significance of this time? From 1-that time? I was passed out in bed. Like completely down for the count, out of it, asleep. I laid down because I was getting really dizzy, sitting up. Usually a sign that my body is getting ready to shut down physically. If I fight it, I usually end up with a . So, I listened to my body and laid down. I read, and the next thing I know, is going “Hon, it’s 5:15. Do you want to get up?” I remember rolling over with a grunt, and then I don’t remember anything else until 90 minutes later when I woke up completely on my own.

I’m SO GLAD Josh was off today, because if he wasn’t, I’d be typing this with a migraine. I have a slight , but NOTHING compared to what I would have if I hadn’t been able to listen to my body and sleep.


I had the urge for a . I don’t get them often, and I knew that my body would really enjoy that. So, I had to clean the tub.


Then I got hot water, and added these lovely things to the bath. Open-mouthed smile Bath smelt and FELT amazing!


Yes, I take my Kindle and my phone into the bath with me. If not, I wouldn’t have these great pictures of the view I had. I was in the bath for at least an hour, and it felt so good.


While I was in the bath, I asked Josh to check the mail. My memory cards were out for delivery. Guess what he found instead? “Sorry we missed you” card. Oh, I was SO pissed. I’m STILL pissed. They never knocked on the door. grumble

Now I’m going to bed (this is set to pre-post. I’m writing it at 10:30). I’m just … ugh, hoping we don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow/today!


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  1. Here’s to hoping you are feeling better today and having a great Sunday!
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