So, You Wanna Buy Cookies?

Girl Scouts 2012

Today was the Girl Scout Cookie Kick-off event. What goes on at those? Nothing much at all. Just Becky (the woman in the blue shirt above) giving out information to the moms (the other three are a few of them). This year, we have no shout-outs, which were the gingerbread/something cookies that weren’t that good. Instead, we have Mango Cream, which I can say, without a doubt, are seriously delicious. You want some?

It was also an actual Girl Scout meeting. Oh goodness, the Daisies were in full force this morning. They were full of sass, and attitude, and questions. They are lucky they’re cute, or else I might have gotten mad. They were good though. I adore those girls. Absolutely and completely adore them.


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