And Now I Have a Headache

Good excuse for missing yesterday #fieldtrip #4thGrade
Madison had a field trip yesterday. All day. Outside. Lots of hiking. Outdoors. In the rain. In the cold. I’m still recovering today.
Camp Bowser
Madi had a screaming good time. She learned a lot about the life-cycles of animals. Trying to figure out what animals might live in the area. How lucky she is that she doesn’t have her daddy’s job, walking outside all day.

Camp Bowser
The weather might have sucked, but the views were gorgeous. I took over 130 pictures, almost 140, and I’d say at least a quarter of them were of the scenery!

Camp Bowser
Madi almost had a tag-along. She found it before she “found” it with her hands.

Camp Bowser
We saw some random pieces of wildlife. I’m not sure if spiders and frogs count as wildlife. That’s what we saw a crazy amount of!

Camp Bowser
The kids didn’t care. They had a lot of fun watching the frogs jump away from them.


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