Sniff The Air and Smell the Seasons

199/365 - First Sign of Fall

199/365 – First Sign of Fall (Photo credit: TM2TS)


Fall is a great time to write, because it is a season filled with colors, smells, and textures (fuzzy scarves, itchy sweaters, crunchy leaves) – all ingredients for a great story. Share one of your favorite fall memories with us, or something you look forward to each fall (hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte, my old friend).

All around me, the scents of fall are filling the air. Being in Kansas, the scent of rain is always strong. It’s a scent you learn to associate with fall, and it’s one you learn to appreciate, because the summers tend to be so hot and dry.

I’m looking forward to hunting down my favorite fall scents. The apples and cinnamon. The vanilla spicy yum. Pumpkins and daisies. I love the scents of fall.

I’m also ready to have to pull out the long underwear for a chilly morning. Seeing the sunrise while I’m waiting for the bus with the kids. Seeing them shiver and being able to open my arms and go “Come, let me warm you up.” and have them both pile in for cuddles, even at the bus stop.

If you can’t tell, I just adore fall. All of it.



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6 Responses to Sniff The Air and Smell the Seasons

  1. I love fall scents. Brown Sugar cookies scent is my favorite. Fall is quite different in SC. Happy Fall!! 🙂

  2. Hilary

    I love fall scents. My house will smell like pumpkin and cinnamon for the next few months.

  3. I love apple cinamin, cinamin stick, and bath and body works spice….though that’s more of a winter scent. but I love them all year. The scent of bon fires and leaves and leaf burning reminds me of fall. Also the first few times you smell a wood burning fireplace going. I don’t know what season I like best. I like that they change, I think.

    I was going to say something disputing the “all of it” but I won’t. 😀
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