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Fall Back into Blogging: Days 01 & 02

I found this courtesy of Karin. I missed Day 01. Oh well. I’m going to do it now, as well as Day 02.


Whether you have kids or not, we’re sure you have a great school story that you haven’t shared. It might be a teacher who inspired you, a disastrously funny moment, or getting your first kiss by the lockers before 4th period Geometry class – we want to read your best school memory.

My best school memory, I would have to say, is when I started 4th Grade. I had moved from the basic classes to the more advanced. I was put in a group of students who learned the same way I did: fast, and pretty much easy. I had to actually work for my grades, instead of just coasting and still getting near perfect grades. It made me the student that I was to become. Those two teachers pushed me harder than any teacher before or even since had done. They made sure that I was ready for Middle School, that I was truly ready to learn.
They gave me the confidence to believe in what I could achieve, if I just put my head to it.
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