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I’ve been scrapping, dealing with the ick that is lice (WOO, GONE! If you have a notice of them, or get them, I suggest the LiceFreee! products. It’s full of ick (lice) but the products have a nice, pleasant, licorice scent.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law Jesse married the love of his life, my new sister-in-law Megan! It was a beautiful and sweet wedding. Lots of laughs through-out the ceremony, and the reception, which completely and totally suited them! Here are just a few of my favorite pictures:

Ethan dancing with Megan. She is so amazing with both of the kids, and I loved that she danced with him!

That was how Madi danced with Jesse. She refused to attempt anything else.

Mark (my father-in-law) dancing with Betsy, his fiance, I guess is what we’d call her, :D She’s an amazing woman who brings out a side of Mark I’ve never seen, and her kids are just awesome!

Jesse dancing with Lucy, his Mammaw and Betsy. I ? Lucy. She’s just lovely.

Cupcake split. After chewing Megan then goes “I think some cupcake fell down my top.” Yeah, she’s going to fit in just perfect :D She already does.

First kiss.

Mr. & Mrs.

Kiss the bride. The new Mr. and Mrs. Harlow
Instagram shot. ?

I did say I’ve scrapped too, right? No, well, I did some. You might have noticed a new header or two. That’s part of it!

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    1. Sarah Post author

      It was so lovely.
      And that’s all digital for the scrapping. It’s less messy. Just need to have my computer, and I can work.

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