Daily Archives: 4 September, 2012

Party Here

Inside my bag!!

Sadly, no real party. I’m ready for bed. I’m TIRED. Exhausted. SLEEPY!

Long weekend. Next couple weeks aren’t looking any slower. THEN I start October, which is going to be JUST as insane.

So, for now, I’m just going to be thankful my purse holds so much crap!!

Okay, that’s it. I’m off to bed. I’m going to leave you with a cute picture of my Abby Dabby, and bid you adieu!

Labor Day Parade

Day 04: In The Mail

Day 04: In The Mail by TM2TS
Day 04: In The Mail, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

4. In my mailbox/postbox: Take a photo of something out of your mailbox, or inside your mailbox.
Bills, a flyer, and some magazines
Welcome to the First Monday of the Month

Day 03: Far Away

Day 03: Far Away by TM2TS
Day 03: Far Away, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

3. Far Away: Take a photo of something far away, as in distance or time-wise.
Christmas isn’t that far away. Madi’s working on her Christmas list.

Day 02: Father

Day 02: Father by TM2TS
Day 02: Father, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

2. Father: It’s Father’s Day in Australia. Take a photo of your dad. A Dad. A father figure. Etc.
The 2nd best father I know: My husband 😀