Project 366: Once Again Caught Up

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Sunday: There was a Pack Swim Day at the pool. Everyone was exhausted, including Josh. Poor guy! Six days of 9-11 hours of work, and then again, all day at the pool!
Monday: I did my nails in a beach-y theme. Sky blue and gold glitter. Looked like water meets ocean.
Tuesday: I’m not in the shape I’d like to be, but I’m learning to accept the shape that I have.
Wednesday: The truck thought that it was the perfect time for a heart attack. Went off when I restarted, thankfully!
Thursday: Last day of swim lessons for Ethan. He passed Level 2 this time, but refused the diving board!
Friday: A nice long oatmeal bath soak does wonders for my itchy skin!
Saturday: Long days, early mornings, late nights. They catch up with you after awhile!

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Sunday: We made a run to Michaels. Kids needed a skinny dry-erase marker. I got signed up for a rewards card while we were there. Uh oh!!
Monday: My Kindle DX died. I cried, quite literally. I bawled like a baby over the loss.
Tuesday: Josh couldn’t take my pouts any longer. He went, after work, and got me a Kindle Fire!
Wednesday: This cloud really looked wrong!!
Thursday: Madison got scared and refused to go off the diving board.
Friday: Truth or Dare! Not saying more!
Saturday: Math Coffee!!

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Project 2012 by Connie Prince
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Sunday: Gotta eat breakfast, and well, it has to taste good!!
Monday: Clouds moving in. Sometimes they’re welcome. Sometimes they’re not!
Tuesday: Dinner cooking and playing with apps on my phone!
Wednesday: Icky, blechy day, while waiting for Madi’s swim lessons. I’m glad I had Sarah to talk to!
Thursday: Madi went off the diving board!! She did it! I’m so proud of her! SO PROUD!!
Friday: Anyone need change for a dollar? Hehe
Saturday: Josh had a day off :O It’s weird when he’s off. I went outside and took pictures of the clouds.

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Sunday: We went to Mark’s property to see the house and get an oil change! Fun was had!
Monday: Reading, reading, reading!
Tuesday: Ethan’s so TAN! Insanely so!
Wednesday: I’m a dork. A weirdo. Proud of it too.
Thursday: Netflix time! LOVE!
Friday: We had to buy the kids new shoes, and I got bribed with a coffee. I’m easy to please!
Saturday: I went to bed, and enjoyed a couple episodes of Burn Notice. I cannot believe how addicted to the show I have become.


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