Okay, I have no idea why I’m having so many issues posting regularly. I honestly can say that I haven’t even thought about posting lately 🙁 I’ve been catching up on my reading, and worrying about a friend who’s going through a very difficult time right now. I hate that I was right in that situation. It’s one of those things you don’t want to be right about 🙁

I’m posting on my book review blog more than anything else. I know. That’s pathetic, but I’m at least posting somewhere right?

Tomorrow, we’re hoping to take the kids shoe . Is it bad that I’m hoping that there’s a nice sale and I can get a pair of shoes?

Saturday, I have to be at the church at 9:15am for a Leader Meeting for . I need to prepare what I’m going to say, sort of, so I’m not confusing the crap out of everyone. The biggest thing I have to make sure I get across is that I’m not going to require the girls to get the books. They have their binder thing, and that will be plenty. This session, we’re going to be learning about taking care of animals and ourselves. I’m looking forward to hit up the library for some suggestions on that. Maybe each week, read the story in the book and one from the library. PLUS the crafts that are suggested, and some just for fun! This year is going to be SO bad-ass, I think!!


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