It’s a Sad Day in My Home

205/366 [2012] - Good-bye Old Friend by TM2TS
205/366 [2012] – Good-bye Old Friend, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

You got wet, I’m sad to say.
You won’t start up now.
You were so loved, and I cried when I said goodbye.
I love you, and it breaks my heart that I have to replace you.
Kindle DX, you will always be my first , forever on my mind.
I’m not happy that I have to replace you with the , but I have to.
I’d rather have you still working though.


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4 responses to “It’s a Sad Day in My Home

  1. Wait…it just got wet and it died? I’m not very impressed. My nook sat face down outside all night in a puddle (albeit, in a case though the case was opened so the front of the nook was facing the ground) and survived just fine. It may have even rained, I’m not sure. The papers that were also in the case, however, did not survive as well. I’m not very impressed with amazon’s quality at the moment! How wet did it get?

    • Gatorade is a little different than rain. Plus no covers at all. And it was right at the power button. It’s not a flaw, just bad luck. Kindles are also a lot thinner than Nooks. It’s why they are so much lighter. Even the Fire weighs less than the Nooks.

      • Ah, I was hoping that there was more to the story. 😉 I’ve never really looked at weights of ereaders. I just want one I can use. Poor Sarah. 🙁 How long until you get the fire?

        • This kindle had also been dropped multiple times, etc.
          Sad thing is that it charged 🙁 So the battery is still good. We just can’t get it to power up because the power supply/button thing is toast. Salt in Gatorade is HELL on electronics.
          Josh said we can see Sunday. He’s gotta do an oil change on the truck first (um, it hasn’t had one in six months, :O ). Then we’ll look into Best Buy or Walmart. Depends on if Walmart has any actual nice cases for it, and I don’t mean portfolio/bound or rubber ones. We’re getting a hard cover for it. Found one very similar to the one I had (I couldn’t use the phone with it because it made the phone too wide for my hand) and Josh’s (his is triple-protected, with 3 levels, this one has 2). It’s a $50 case, but it comes with a stand too, which I like the idea of 😀