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193/366 [2012] – Darth Coffee

193/366 [2012] - Darth Coffee by TM2TS
193/366 [2012] – Darth Coffee, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Butter Pecan Cheesecake caramel coffee.
In an The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars mug, purchased from Think Geek.
Yes, the Dark Side tastes delicious.
I just wish I had cookies.
OH! I did make cookies :O

day 11: a letter

day 11: a letter by TM2TS
day 11: a letter, a photo by TM2TS on Flickr.

M is for Madi

I need a nap

I swear, I’m so tired.

Every day, Ethan has swim lessons at 11:15. No, that’s not the tiring part.

The tiring part is having to be up at 7am to prep the apartment for people showing up.

Yesterday, we got a new entryway installed. No, it’s not tile, or it would have taken a lot longer. It was mostly finished by the time we got home from lessons.

Today, bug guy came. Thirty seconds was how long he was in the apartment. Sprayed twice in the kitchen. That was it.