ADSR: 7.1 & Detour #1

I’m taking part in , again. We’re the Mayhem Mommas, me and Kimmy 😀

That sentence looks off, but I don’t care. 😛

Anyways, I also needed to scrap some of the pictures that I took 😀

ADSR Detour #1:

: Scouting is Fun by

It’s the 100-year anniversary of , and I’m a Daisy leader.
I couldn’t resist, since I just came back from Back to Basics with the girls, including my daughter, doing this with a song from the Daisy Guidebook: Make New Friends

May Desktop

Kit: P2012 by Connie Prince

”]Kit: Thanks a’Melon by , available via the blog for FREE during the month of May

Fire Pit

Kit: 2012 Mega by the GS
Template: NSD 2012 by the GS Designers

Back to Basics

Kit: NSD 2012 Mega Scrappy Days by the GS designers
Template: NSD 2012 Template Grab Bag by the GS Designers


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