129/366 [2012] – Early Mother’s Day Gift

Josh got me two non-freezer marg glasses, and two freezer marg glasses.
Oh yes. I will be putting these to use soon!
Once I buy tequila.
And the mix.
Because I’m lazy.
And I like the taste of the mix!

127/366 [2012] – Packing Up

The end of Back to Basics. The girls are packing up, ready to leave.
They actually did a great job. They cleaned up most of it, all by themselves.
They kept offering their services to other campers. They were epitomizing what it means to be a Girl Scout.

126/366 [2012] – Back to Basics

Madison at Back to Basics, after everyone had left. Only five of us were left in Dover, KS, at Camp Daisy. We had two Brownies and one Junior.
We slept semi-outside, in perma-tents.
I honestly had a lot of fun, and I think Madison did too!

125/366 [2012] – Kids Waiting

The bus wait sometimes gets boring, especially since I don’t let the kids play with the other kids on the playground. They’re dangerous and they run over other smaller kids, and my kids fall in that category.