I Went Two Days With No Post

But I have a legit reason why I didn’t. I can give a small hint: 100_2258

I went . Full-on . You can see our perma-tents right there!
Those are our girls! Our girl scout troop. Some are missing, yes, but most of them are there!


All day, there were activities for the girls. They even got to do one with Becky, our leader. She taught us how to make swaps, which we already knew how to do, but the girls were also able to switch Open-mouthed smile


We learned some fun facts about first aid, and that log that Miss Penny is sitting on produced a beetle or something that pinched the inside of my leg. SO nice!


We went on a hike, as well, and wow. That was a trek!

I hung with the , because that’s who I teach when I’m doing . It was easier for me to stay with them, because they’re used to me telling them “No” and the like. Plus, it was a bit of a consistency thing for them.


We got to play with (the safe way). Only five of us, including me and Madi, actually stayed the night, and that was actually nice too. It was quiet and the girls had fun, getting to know each other even better. And I got to know another leader a lot better as well.


We also got to see the “Super Open-mouthed smile


Madi made a fast friend with a girl just as sweet and as she is. I loved it!


All in all, I think she enjoyed her weekend with just Mommy. We get to do it again at the end of the month when the boys go to Omaha with the Cub Scouts Open-mouthed smile


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