Play Me a Melody

Josh’s dad plays guitar. Sometimes. I never know what to get him for holidays. He’s hard to shop for. I wonder if he’d like Blackheart Amps, or something like that?

Hanging With Pappaw

I think it would make a good gift, if Josh and I seriously saved up. I think the kids would enjoy hearing their pappaw play music for them more often. Maybe he could join a band, too, and play at NALC union rallies or something. Might get more people to show up then.

Oh Happy Day!

Oh man, today is shaping up to be a good day. A very good day!

First, I have a new theme. Seriously, check it out Smile with tongue out Graphics are the A Match Made in Heaven buffet from the Gingerscraps designers! I’m so totally in love with it right now!

Second, have I mentioned the new theme? I did? Well, okay. Hmm …
OH!! I went to Walmart today and I found TWO frames I require!!


The first is just HUGE, with like ten spots for pictures! TEN!! I could go nuts with that!!
The second has a 4×6” frame opening, PLUS TWO 4×4” openings, PERFECT for pictures!!

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