Daily Archives: 2 May, 2012

How Is It May, Already?

When did it become May? Oh, yesterday, really? Are you sure? Wow.

This month is going to be one of those insanely insane months.

This weekend, I’m going camping. Jamie’s going to be watching Ethan Open-mouthed smile

The 12th, Madi bridges from a Brownie to a Junior Surprised smile

The 13th is Mother’s Day!!

May 23rd is no school for the kids, and the 24th is a half-day, last day type of event.

Friday-Saturday, Ethan and Josh will be in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Omaha Zoo for a Cub Scout trip.

I’m going to be getting my scrap on, my lessons learned on, and all that fun stuff this month, as well!

Speaking of scrapping, new layouts to show off!!

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122/366 [2012] – Little Poses

We have to wait for the bus each morning. Most times, we wait out, in the “weather” but it started to spit while we were waiting, so we went under the awning or whatever. I decide, hey, nothing else to do, let’s take some pictures, and Madison immediately strikes a pose.