Monthly Archives: May 2012

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


I feel comfortable admitting that. I truly and honestly have no idea what I’m doing.

With anything.

With everything.

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151/366 [2012] – Scary Coincidence

I randomized the name on a Sim and ended up with one scarily close to my own. Change the “A” to an “E” and you officially have my name.
Well, Middle & Last.

150/366 [2012] – Putting Her to Work

I had a survey to do for Pinecone Research, and they needed one of the kids to do the survey too.
I volunteered Madison for the job. She enjoyed it, I think 😀

149/366 [2012] – My Favorite View

My kids, with my husband, swimming in a pool.
I started getting really dizzy (someone didn’t eat all day, smart, right?), so I climbed out. I was able to get the BEST pictures that way.
Along with a lot of videos, including those underwater.

148/366 [2012] – Memorial Day Cupcakes

I bought them at Walmart.
Nothing fancy.
Just looked really good to me.