121/366 [2012] – Fisticuffs

No, I didn’t end up getting into any, thankfully.
I just realized that I bought 3 pairs of shorts, and all three have rolled cuffs.
Two different brands, three different lengths. All three with rolled ends.

120/366 [2012] – Lounging

Not the best shot in the world, but it accurately describes how the day went.
I spent most of the day working on the laptop in the bedroom, doing my actual paid job.
I love the ladies I work with, so it wasn’t a bad thing to be doing.
I was lucky my husband kept the youngest entertained, and the oldest was camping.

119/366 [2012] – 80s Are Back

The 80s are back, at least on my feet.
Nothing like some down home comfort with socks, in bright colors.
They brighten up my mood, and I hope they do yours as well!