Daily Archives: 28 April, 2012

I’ve Got the Moves Like Jagger

When I was growing up, I wanted to learn to play the violin. There was nothing I could do though. It was one of those situations where my parents pay, even for a rental on a violin, or we go without lunch or dinner. It was stupid expensive. So, I didn’t get to do it. Maybe if my parents had access to other programs, and maybe Encore Rewards – $10 off welcome coupon it would have helped. Probably not, though.

Madi has been talking about wanting to play. Her dad’s side of the family all did, and I’d love it if she had a chance. They start in fourth grade, I think. Maybe fifth.

Looking at MusicArts.com, I see that I have access to rentals, if I wanted. For an adult, a violin rental is only $29.95. That’s not bad. That’s a lot cheaper than it was when I was growing up. They have a lot of other types too. Trumpet, clarinet, flute.

I tried the flute in fourth grade. For someone who talks a lot, I sure didn’t have enough air to do it. I got dizzy. I tried the sax, and yeah, I nearly fell over, Laughing out loud. I tried the violin, though, and amazed my music teacher. I barely made a scratching sound, and she said it was as if it was made for me.

I really do wish I could have done violin.