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116/366 [2012] – Sick Again

Ethan is on Ear Infection #2.
We’re not looking into tubes at this time. His doctor was worried when she noticed he was in for his second time for one, but it was in the other ear. If it had been in the same, she would have worried, and we might have discussed tubes. Once a year, per ear, isn’t too bad.

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Screw You, Congress …

002/365 (2011) - The Legos

So, the bill for the “reform” of the USPS went through the Senate. Looks like the USPS carriers and their families (and everyone else) will have better luck with title loans Kentucky than with anything else.

Joy. I love how freaking moronic this current Congress is. I hope the House shows a better sense of smarts, or at least our current president. The USPS is failing because of Congress.

Please, someone, just shoot me now.

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Just Another Ear Infection


Ear Infection Doctor Visit

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