Puzzles are … puzzling

Puzzle Me

We’re a jigsaw puzzle type of family. I used to do 3d jigsaw puzzle stuff when I lived at home. I think I picked it up from my father.

What I love about puzzles though, is that you can never tell who’s a puzzle fan. The love of them is universal.

My kids love them, but they also love to lose the pieces. Surprised smile

Shine On, Sun, Shine On

Freckled Tan

Madison has the most gorgeous tan. She tans so easily that she’ll never have to look into spray tan. She thankfully inherited her daddy’s skin stuff with that. Me? I burn when I just look at the sun. Okay, maybe not that badly, but I swear, it’s never a pretty sight when I have been in the sun too long. Even with sunscreen, I turn into a big old red lobster. EWW! Just not pretty at all.

113/366 [2012] – Dinner Fixin’s

Josh picked up steaks a few days ago. We finally got to make them last night.
We grilled them on the Foreman, after marinating them in Signature Steakhouse by Lawry’s.
Then I made bake potatoes, in the microwave. I used the Ziploc steamers. I’d forgotten to poke holes in the potatoes, and it didn’t make a difference. I think they actually turned out better. I even cooked up some bacon to make a fully-loaded.
Even added corn to the deal. We’re a particular family. We only have frozen corn and only have canned green beans. We’re just that way.
Well, I’m that way, and I force the family to be that way. I blame my dad for that.

112/366 [2012] – Deliciousness

I’m a bit of a nut for cheesecake. I just love the stuff. I don’t care if it’s the New York Style (as shown) or the Jello No Bake version. Either way, I’ll scarf it down.
Even the stuff that comes in a tub that you’re supposed to put into a graham cracker crust, hehe. I’ll eat it all.
And I’m taking a break from the Dr. Pepper. Time to go with the “fake” sugar stuff. I can only drink the Nutrasweet version of diet sodas because aspartame gives me migraines. Fun, right?

111/366 [2012] – GWTW

I only got through Disk #1, but I love the movie. I love the premise. I love the book. I just love it all.
Gone With the Wind is the movie that started my love-affair with romance novels set in the Civil War time period. It was a dark point in our history, but it was more than that. It showed, also, what our country could overcome, something we’re still working on to this day.
Now I’m on the hunt for both the book Scarlett and the movie version. Mmmm, Jonathan Frakes. hehe