The Official End of a Decade

They say a decade is from 0-10, so, if that is true, has officially finished 3 decades in his life.


Today my amazing turned 31. At like 12:24am, he officially turned. With strep. Poor guy, but he felt better today, so we went out and did things Open-mouthed smile


I had to do my hair first. I’m using the hair-tie thing I got from Birchbox. It worked well. Held almost all day. Open-mouthed smile


The kids had school. Josh spent five minutes fixing Ethan’s hair, but he had to change his shirt after, and this was the result. I’m telling you, we should just spike his hair or something, Laughing out loud. Josh and Ethan are both against it.


I didn’t have any polish on my nails. They were getting really brittle without anything, so I decided to paint them. I used Zoya True Spring Collection in Bevin. I got that from this month’s Birchbox Open-mouthed smile. The tips were done in Kiss Nail Art in Pearl Black


Oh! Crap! Look at that, I even put on make-up Surprised smile What? What? Oh yeah.


So, I let Josh decide where we went today. We only really had to go to Walmart for his (and some other stuff), but we both needed to get out. First place he decided to go was . I found a pair of (well, LOTS more than that, but still), and I totally would have bought them off the shelf … if they hadn’t been $285. YIKES! Ouch!

I found a few little shirts I’ll be coming back for (or versions of) in a few months for my nephew. I might also have to work on getting my little niece into country-western, too because I can totally see her chunky thighs poking out from under some of those dresses!!


He then decided to check out the Harley store. Hey, I’m not complaining. They had a couple purses I wouldn’t mind having. They also had some super sweet bikes. I make a few people laugh when I went “They’re more high-tech than the car”. Rolling on the floor laughing

Was just supposed to be dinner and a cake :O

We did go to Game Stop and look. They had two games we’ll probably be checking out for Madison for her birthday: Nintendogs Lab & Friends and Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends. They were both less than $20 each, which works for us. Open-mouthed smile Madi will also have the chance to get her ears pierced. Josh thinks it’s a teenager thing, but I had my second piercing at 8. My first, I was apparently a baby. I didn’t keep them. He’s worried about the ripping factor, because I have a ripped ear. That happened because of the 80s plastic earrings and a crocheted pillow. Those two don’t mix. When you throw in a too low piercing, you have the trifecta of bad news. Madi’ll be fine, though. I have faith.

So, we decided we were both starving and went to Walmart for lunch, cake, , and . At least that was the plan. We remembered we wanted to get me a little hamper for the bedroom, so I don’t have my clothes on the floor. And maybe so we can stop using the big tub in the hallway for laundry. So, we got that.

We also ended up with a second KRE-O Transformers – MEGATRON SET. That way Ethan has both vehicle mode and robot mode to play with. We did the same with his KRE-O Transformers – OPTIMUS. It’s a little more expensive, but it saves us in headaches in the long run.

You know what? I forgot that we went to Dick’s! Josh got a new water jug. One that won’t leak from the mouth (because of how the spout is) and we got a couple things for camping. Both Madi and Ethan have camping trips in the next few months.

We also went to Shawnee North to sign the kids up for swim lessons. June 4-14, at 11:15am, the kids will be getting their swim on, in Level 2. Open-mouthed smile


Well, this is the hair color I chose. I’m probably going to end up doing this color a couple times, and then go with a Dark Blonde.Then I’ll work my way up to dark again when fall starts showing up. So, light in the summer, dark in the winter. Totally suits. Open-mouthed smile


Josh wanted his birthday dinner to be our potato burritos. I posted the recipe somewhere, but I can’t find it, Laughing out loud Let’s just say it was good.

Bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, and hamburger meat.


On Ethan’s plate, this is what it looked like. It was SO good, but it’s SO filling. Surprised smile


And of course there was cake!! Josh picked out an cake. When you are getting over strep, that just feels nice on your throat!


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  1. Happy birthday, Josh!!! It sounds like a great day. I agree Madi will be fine. I got my ears pierced when I was 8 and I have been fine. 😀
    Karin recently posted..Day Zero…AgainMy Profile

    1. Karin, I think I’ve got him convinced. If not, he goes with Ethan to Omaha Zoo with the Scouts, and I might take Madi then and get them done 😀

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