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Weekly Vlog: Week 15 {Recorded Saturday}

Walk With Me

_MG_3104_MG_3106107/366 [2012] - Walk to the Pond

Not really much of a point to the blog entry.

Josh is sick with strep. Yeah, strep. Fun right.

Me? I’m effing exhausted, physically and mentally.

I just want a small vacation. A widdle one. Please?

107/366 [2012] – Walk to the Pond

Josh has strep. I’m losing my mind.
The photo a day challenge was flower. I have no flowers. So I went outside.
I found two, and I found the pond looking pretty.

106/366 [2012] – Sunsets Clouds the Mind

The sun sets, the clouds come in.
The colors aren’t super bright, but they’re pretty.