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105/366 [2012] – Little Grins

Ethan and I had an enjoyable morning and afternoon waiting on Miss Madi to get back from Kansas City (Great Wolf Lodge). The storms are coming, and coming fast.
And then they stopped, thankfully.
They’re back again, but for now, we’re safe and sound.

Stole this from Karin

When is your Birthday?

 December 08 … Saggie babie!

Pick 3 people who share your birthday:

  1. Ann Coulter (fucking kill me now)
  2. Teri Hatcher (woot)
  3. Ian Somerhalder (hello GORGEOUS)

Is anyone born in the same day and year as you? What do you know about them?

  1. Philip Rivers. You know, football. I think he plays for the Chargers, Laughing out loud
  2. Some dude named Jeremy Accardo but I don’t follow baseball, so I could care less, Laughing out loud

List 3 people who died on your birthday and what you know about them:

  1. John Lennon was murdered the year before I was born. He was a Beatle.
  2. Charles Lightoller was the second officer on the Titanic. He died in 1952
  3. Eliza Poe, the mother of Edgar Allen Poe

List 3 notable events that took place on your birthday

  1. United Airlines Flight 553 crashes (see, I don’t fly on my birthday,ever)
  2. The North American Free Trade Agreement is signed into law on by US President Bill Clinton
  3. Pan Am Flight 214 is struck by lightening and crashes
  4. Workers at four New York City newspapers (later increases to 9) go on strike for 114 days.(GO UNIONS!)
  5. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares December 7 to be “a date that will live on in infamy” after the attack on Pearl Harbor (note: it does to me)

Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday

  1. Mother’s Day in Panama
  2. Bad Hair Day
  3. National Brownie Day (that explains EVERYTHING, seriously)
  4. Winter Flowers Day (guess it’s good I get flowers then, huh?)

Oooh, New!


In case you didn’t notice, I have a new look for the blog. I used Happy Hopscotch by the Gingerscraps designers. I figured, I’m manager there, I better, you know, support the cause Open-mouthed smile

Oh! Didn’t you hear?! I’m big wig admin at Gingerscraps now. Oh yeah! Me! Open-mouthed smile

Otherwise, not much going on here Sad smile Well, tornadoes are expected. Big baddies in the storm division. That sort of stuff, Laughing out loud. But no other news!

04/13/2012 [8:30pm]04/13/2012 [8:30pm]_MG_3067

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