Daily Archives: 11 April, 2012

102/366 [2012] – 19K Pictures Possible

Now I can take all the pictures I want, and that counts for something too!! Less than $30 for the card, plus TWO different types of readers for it. SO nice to have the options!

101/366 [2012] – Lots of Folding

I seem to be doing nothing but folding, but you know what, the pile is actually getting smaller, and that counts for something, I think!!

I feel accomplished. I might only be getting 3-4 loads done a day, and thankfully not paying the water bill on that *gasp* but I’m getting something done.

A Girl and Her Horse

281/365 - Horse and Girl

Madi is really into the equestrian things. My parents started her on it. First gifts they bought her were horse related. Her first pet was a cat, but her first requested pet is a horse. She wants one of her very own.

I wish we could grant that wish. Horses are expensive though. Not just feeding. Their vet bills are more because large-animal vets go to school longer. They go as long, if not longer, than a general practice doctor. Yeah, that’s why they’re so expensive. And have you tried to get insurance on a horse? So not cheap there either.

You can’t really go to a humane society and just go “I want a horse.” There aren’t that many. There are rescues and things. My parents have gotten a horse or two from a rescue. Most, though, you have to get from a breeder. A good breeder doesn’t do it for cheap. There’s a lot of heart and soul going into it. My parents faced heartache when they tried to breed one of their horses. She couldn’t carry a foal to term. They had to finally stop trying after about three losses, because there was nothing left that they could try. They did get one beautiful baby from her, though, and she did an amazing job with her.

Wow. I just rambled on for a bit there. Well, um, wow. Now I miss home, want to go wrap my arms around a horse’s neck, and I feel like crying, Laughing out loud.