Daily Archives: 10 April, 2012

Really? That’s Just Gross

I am thirty years told. I have never wrestled. Or done anything with close contact with people like that.
But, I apparently have ringworm. First time ever in my life.
I feel gross. It is gross.
I have hives because of it. Double eww on that.
Got some meds, gonna take care of it but still. Eww!

100/366 [2012] – Laundry Overwhelmed

Yeah, I’m overwhelmed. Wouldn’t you be?
Goodness me! I don’t want to do it, but I have to.
Good news it that the pile will get smaller and smaller.
I hate laundry though. I hate it with a passion. Abhor it! Hate it.

099/366 [2012] – The Cause of Allergies

Sunday. So fresh. So clean.
We spent MOST of the day cleaning. So much so that the apartment was making us all sick (from fumes), so we went for a quick walk.
I love taking walks with my family. It’s kind of special.