Daily Archives: 5 April, 2012

Instagram Owns My Soul

I’m on Instagram (SarahCB1208, feel free to add me), and I might be a little addicted Surprised smile

Just a few of the shots!! I just got it, what? Two days ago? Laughing out loud I already have 36 pictures. I’m following 160 people Surprised smile and I have 31 followers!!

I would like to say thanks to the IOS users who welcomed Android users with open arms. Some were total douche-canoes about it, but I only saw the good ones Open-mouthed smile

096/366 [2012] – Monkey Wears Monkey Socks

Madison got new socks. Not because she really needed them, but because her feet are too adorable not to wear adorable socks. I wanted her to be able to have some fun playful ones. She’s going on a few trips with her Girl Scout troop and I want her to feel comfortable and feel like she fits in. Her socks will help her do that 😀