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095/366 [2012] – That’s a Smile I Can Believe In

She just amazes me with how beautiful she can be.
She was annoyed with me because I kept shining the flash in her eye indoor to get a shot, but once we were outside, smiles were so bright and natural.

Wow. Just Wow.


Sadly, if we’re going to buy a house, I might have to look into getting a part-time job. It can be anything like mcdonalds jobs, to working in an office, inputting information. Something.


Because, even making $52k minimum a year, if we want to be able to afford clothes and food for our kids, we can’t afford a house payment more than $1k a month. Houses here? Minimum of $150k for a *lot*, not an acre. So, no yard. Not the greatest for school district (501 instead of Seaman, which we are in now), things like that. We have to *settle* just to be in a house.

We don’t want to do that. We shouldn’t have to do that. Land is worth a lot, I understand, but shitty areas should not be worth that much. RURAL shouldn’t be $300k for 5 acres. Yes, we have seen prices like that, in BFE. Freaking insanity.

And this is Kansas. Like the 2nd or 3rd CHEAPEST state to live in.

The bad thing? Any idea how hard it is to find a job when you’re only available from 9am to 3pm M-F. You’re not available on Saturdays, period. Available all day Sundays. Can’t work holidays, unless it’s a federal one, because your husband is working.

Yeah, it’s damn near impossible, even in the best of economies.