Daily Archives: 3 April, 2012

094/366 [2012] – Grass Between My Toes

I got the email. Instagram for Android was out. Oh crap. Oh crap!
I downloaded it. I played with it. I ran outside, and tried to play.
GAH! Phone screwed up. Took some pictures anyway. I was outside. Let’s just enjoy this.
So, I came in, after, smelling of smoke because they’re burning fields. I know the purpose, but gag. I hate the smell.

Okay, restarted the phone. Instagram works again!!

I’m “sarahcb1208” 😀

Smoke and Mirrors


The smoke is heavy in my area. Burns have started. Really started. Really thick in the air. Blech!

Reminds me, though, that Madison’s birthday is coming up. I’m thinking of a personalized jewelry box for her. She’s going to be getting her ears pierced. She turns 9 this year. NINE. Surprised smile gasp World ends!

Laughing out loud Rolling on the floor laughing Nyah-Nyah Laughing out loud Rolling on the floor laughing

She’s becoming such a GORGEOUS creature though!

093/366 [2012] - Bright Light

I cannot believe that in just over two months (& 17 days), I’ll be the mother of a 9-year-old Surprised smile

093/366 [2012] – Bright Light

School days are here again.
Well, yeah, it was Monday.
It was bright.
But she’s still cute!

092/366 [2012] – Reflect On This

I originally took this picture for the #PhotoADayApril challenge, but I couldn’t get PicPlz & my phone to work together. BUT, I still like the weird reflection.

We went out and spent Ethan’s gift cards. He got two sets of Legos, and a Star Wars toy. Boy made out well, I think, LOL!