Did Ya Hear?

Oh, there’s some big news in the world, at least mine!

I’m the Ad Team lead at Gingerscraps Surprised smile

That means I’m in charge of the ad team. I’m in charge of making sure blogging happens! I’m in charge of all that fun stuff Open-mouthed smile

I also get to do some MAJOR blogging on the Gingerscraps blog Open-mouthed smile You can find my posts EASILY Open-mouthed smile

Find a post with this on it, and you’ve found my posts:

Reminds me I need to work on a siggy for the blog here Open-mouthed smile!! I Red heartthe one for GS! Open-mouthed smile

I did make this one at some point:


I don’t like it though! I like the little quote “Find Your Own Story” but otherwise, yeah, not so much!

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I Can Do It Better Than You

Momma Uses Tools

There was once a conversation with my brother who told me I was book smart but I had no idea how to use tools. I think he forgot that I did take shop class in middle school, and that I did pretty good at it. I might not know exactly what a rivet nut is, but I’m not an idiot.

Just because someone enjoys reading a book, corrects your grammar because you type and talk like an idiot, doesn’t mean that they can’t survive without someone making things for them.

Yes, I’m still annoyed at that comment that he made.