It’s All Greek To Me

There’s a , an amazing , at Gingerscraps for the Book Club. This month, we read “Hunger Games”. (my review) SUCH A DAMN GOOD BOOK!! I’ve actually officially finished the trilogy. I LOVED Mockingjay (my review), but was more of going Disappointed smile with Catching Fire. (my review) All in all, a really good series. REALLY good. As in, GAH!! I wanna see the movies so badly. I’m completely obsessed with Call that’s available on Amazon right now (FOR FREE). I have it, actually, as my text tone on my HTC Inspire Open-mouthed smile Red heart

Besides that, I also am COMPLETELY obsessed with the Taylor Swift song (featuring The Civil Wars): Safe & Sound

Anyways, for the Book Club, we’re given a challenge:

i think we can all agree that katniss faces many challenges throughout not only book 1 but throughout the series. so this month, we want you to scrap a layout that depicts in some way a challenge that you have faced in your own life. it can be any challenge, big or small, funny or serious, whether it was yesterday, last week, last month or 10 years ago. you can use journaling or photos or both. there are no paper or element requirements, but you do have to use 100% product. if it’s in the store right now, you can use it 😉

I don’t know how I did officially with the challenge, but here’s my take on it:


Kit: : Reading Under the Stars by

I’m not 100% thrilled with it, but hey, straight-up not perfect shots of me. That’s something right?


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