Thursday 13–Thirteen Apps I’m Addicted To + Weekly Vlog


Apps for Android That I Cannot Live Without

  1. Plurka
    I use this, obviously, for Plurk. It’s the best one that I’ve heard about, and I’ve had no issues with it.
  2. Snapbucket
    I’m “sarahsmf” on there. Feel free to add me.
    Pics I’ve done with it:
  3. PicPlz
    I’m SarahCB1208 on PicPlz! I’d love it if you followed me there! I tend to follow back there!!
  4. Goodreads
    I’m a reader. It’s crack to me. So, I have to be on Goodreads!
  5. GetGlue
    I watch TV. I like stickers. So, I use GetGlue Open-mouthed smile
  6. Flickroid
    The official Flickr app is just crap. Absolute crap. I can’t even figure out how to use it right, so I use Flickroid. It’s idiot proof Open-mouthed smile
  7. Hanging With Friends
    It’s crack. I’m SarahCB1208 there Open-mouthed smile
  8. Words With Friends
    Another using SarahCB1208 Open-mouthed smile
  9. Foursquare
    I like going places Open-mouthed smile
  10. Accuweather
    It puts the temp right on my little task bar, which is easier for me to see vs. the default big and taking up valuable space Winking smile
  11. Evernote
    hee hee, I can’t live without this
  12. Photoshop Express
    It’s not perfect but it’s something!
  13. Tumblr
    Yes, I tumble!



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5 Responses to Thursday 13–Thirteen Apps I’m Addicted To + Weekly Vlog

  1. jayedee dewitt

    i have no android phone and thus, no apps, but i’ll bow to your superior knowledge and agree that they’re great apps! lol
    happy ww!

  2. Harriet

    My daughter is a Tumblr addict.

    Have a great Thursday!
    Harriet recently posted..When Karma Bites….My Profile

  3. I must say, this almost makes me glad I don’t have a smart phone. Yet.

  4. MamaWise

    Oh wow! Plurk! I’m on Plurk! My name there is MamaWise. Been a member since 2008 – you should find me there and we can be plurk buddies 🙂

    And Words with Friends I am totally addicted to, play it mostly on FB.
    MamaWise recently posted..Thursday Thirteen – #3My Profile