Scappity Do Dah

So, yesterday, I got a new phone. An HTC Inspire. Yes, the same one my husband has, 😆 It’s crack! I love it! I’m killing the battery left and right, simply because I can’t seem to put it down, 😆

But I’m getting lots of pictures out of it. The last two pictures of my P365 layout includes pictures (in this post 😀 ). Keep an eye out for more tomorrow, in the Weekly Winners post!


: Keep It Even by
Kit: I Scrap March by Jen Yurko Designs


Kit & Template: by Connie Prince
WA: Oh the Places! WA by Connie Prince


Papers: by Gingerscraps designers
by Connie Prince
by Unforgettable Moments
by GS designers
My Movie Star by Marie H Designs
by Marie H Designs

Sunday: Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. Ethan got a few things and all the boys were so cute!
Monday: Sinus issues kicked my butt. SO not a fun day.
Tuesday: Two snails, in love, just like their human counterparts
Wednesday: NCIS on Josh stole TV on Tuesday!
Thursday: I wrote HOPE on my hand for Rachel Cahill and got to sit outside waiting for the bus.
Friday: I got a new phone. HTC Inspire. I went android!
Saturday: Girl Scouts Cookie Booth! It was a bit chilly but very pretty outside.


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