Daily Archives: 28 February, 2012

February Photo a Day–Days 25-28


  • Day 25: GREEN … my son in his army green PJs
  • Day 26: NIGHT … my daughter ready for bed (at night)
  • Day 27: Something I ATE … Fiber Advance Gummies
  • Day 28: Money … $1.50 in quarters and $2 in dollar coins.

Week 08/52 [2012] – Snails, Beds, Phones, Oh My


Template: Jen Yurko Designs
Papers: Colors of My Life by Gingerscraps designers

  • P2012 by Connie Prince
  • Mommy’s Helper by Pretty in Green
  • This Is Why I Scrap by Sugar Pie Scraps
  • I’m a Good Helper by Pretty in Green
  • Elegant Word Arts by Bethany (Caution: Artist at Work WA)
  • Kathy Winters (OMG word art)
  • Made With Love by Kathy Winters

059/366 [2012] – True Love

My ColtPixy snails! They’re “in love”. They’re perfect representations of me and my husband!!

Weekly Vlog–Week 08

This weekend was all about the scouts. Ethan had a Boy Scout Blue & Gold Banquet on Sunday and Madi had her normal meeting on Saturday. I love Scout weekends, honestly!

058/366 [2012] – Sick

I spend most of the day in bed. Major head pain and jaw throbs. It just ached.
We have a low and high pressure system meeting. When that happens, I end up down for the count.
It ended up in Migraine Territory last night 🙁