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Make Up Your Mind!

124/365 - Ooooh sexy!

Silver Mustang, silver Camaro, silver panda.

Wait, something isn’t right!

Josh found what he thought was a perfect truck. Now he’s had a week to think, and now he’s freaking out. I’m over and done. The Trailblazer, we had to buy.No real thinking. Within 2 weeks of finding it, it was ours. Not so with this coming vehicle.

He’s over-thinking it. Someone save me from him.

I’m glad he’s not being impulsive, but sheez, make up your damn mind!

Please Shop Again

Thank You Uncle Jesse!

I’m wondering if custom gift cards would be ideal for people. We give gift cards now to everyone. It’s just easier.

The “men” got Home Depot. One actually wanted something from Home Depot. The other is in the process of trying to build a house. Figured they’d help. Two ladies got Michael’s cards. They’re amazing artists, and I know that money will go to good use. One got cards to Subway. It’s somewhere I know she can eat without having to worry about if it’s good for her or not. The other got a Kohl’s card. I hope she liked it. I wasn’t sure where she preferred to shop.

What do you do?

Take a Breath

Blow - Madi

Since I’m not a shop owner, I don’t need merchant funding, but I’d love some consumer funding Winking smile

It’s not too bad. We did just get tax return. Sadly, part of it is spent. Kids are getting new beds. Truck is getting a repair.

We’re also maybe going to be using part of it on a down-payment on a truck/car/something. We’ll see on that.

I’m hoping a little is left over for at least a Kindle Fire. I want one SO badly. I want it enough to ignore that it used Android. Yes, I’m a bit of a fanatic with Windows 7. I want it on a tablet, but I’ll accept it on a new laptop instead Winking smile

Cuddle With Me

032/365 {2011} - Cuddles in Bed

Cuddle up and keep warm. Whether you are using a mexican blanket or something fuzzy and soft, it doesn’t matter. Cuddle up. Take advantage of some cold weather and enjoy some shared warmth with someone you love.

Lately, I haven’t been cuddling. He’s been out before I can get a chance Sad smile

Oh well, I’m saving them up for when he’s off. He has the weekend of Ethan’s birthday off. Yeah, that’s a month away (literally). He was supposed to have a FIVE-DAY weekend but that fell through. He was mandatoried both today and tomorrow Sad smile

February Photo a Day–Days 15-17 :O


Day 15: Phone. My phone. My amazing and beautiful but needs an upgrade phone Open-mouthed smile

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