Daily Archives: 13 February, 2012

044/366 [2012] – FIRST SNOW

This sounds weird, but February 13, 2012 was the first full inch of snow for Topeka for the 2011-12 Winter Season. Really weird. But nice, at the same time.

They were at least happy to see it.

043/366 [2012] – Movie Bathroom

We went and saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D. The ONLY picture I took for the day. I was in the moment. I love when I do that. I at least got one picture.

Lighting is seriously bad in that bathroom though, 😆 .

042/366 [2012] – Heads Up, Seven Up

Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts.
Seriously. I love Girl Scouts. It’s such a great time to be had.
The little blondie is one of my daisies. She’s our local “banana” and I just absolutely adore her!

041/366 [2012] – Daddy Cuddles

Ethan had some major pain from an ear infection and Mommy Cuddles just weren’t cutting it anymore.
So, he snagged them from Josh. Who didn’t seem to mind.

040/366 [2012] – Dork Is As Dork Does

Nothing really with the title. I just like taking self-portraits.

I also felt good because my make-up looked good.