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February Photo a Day–Day 10–Self-Portrait


I stole my son’s hat while at the Doctor’s and took some pictures. It was fun Open-mouthed smile

In Which I Agree with a Video … and I deal with a sick kid

First, I want to comment on this:

Some people have been throwing a shit fit over the simple fact that he used a gun. He was calm. He was cool. He was collected. It was obvious that he was frustrated, but this wasn’t really done out of spite. It was a lesson, plain and simple. His daughter was not even home when it happened. And, if you pay attention, the mother of the child was also involved in the decision on what was happening, because she asked for one shot for her.

I grew up with a father who would have done the same thing. There is no requirement in life that a teenager needs a cellphone, a laptop, an MP3 player, anything. Clothes are their back, food in their bellies, and a roof over their head. That’s all you’re legally required to give.

This girl decided she deserved more. For doing things MOST parents require their kids to do and follow. She’s fifteen, going on sixteen. Time to learn some responsibility.

Now, for the sick kid: ETHAN!


Ethan got some major ear pain last night. That was all he could “talk” about was how bad his ear hurt. So, we gave him some Tylenol and some Hyland’s ear drops, and told him we’d see how he was in the morning. Well, he woke up a few times going “Ow, ow, ow,” which completely and totally broke my heart. Then I’d hear him take a few calming breaths and fall back asleep, just like we taught him to do. I’m so proud of how amazing he is. He’s just awesome.

This morning, he actually requested going to the doctor. That’s how I knew he was sick. He didn’t want to go to school. He cried last night when we told him he wouldn’t be going. So, that was a sure sign.

The nurse that saw him said that he was definitely in pain. She could see it when she looked in his ear. He had some serious drainage going on. Those were her words “Serious drainage” Which makes me feel like crap, but if he doesn’t tell us until it hurts so bad he can’t stand it, I can’t make it better. He’s doing SO Much better today. Keeping him dosed up on the Tylenol. Exactly as we’re supposed to. He’s all happy because he got a lunchables for lunch, and he got to pick out a toy. I also picked up some big coloring books, but that’s because tomorrow he’s going to be stuck watching while the Daisies make sit-upons. Open-mouthed smile