Daily Archives: 8 February, 2012

039/366 [2012] – Not Enough Love

My poor tablet. Doesn’t get used like it should. Sadly, to use it as much as I’d like, I’d need a new desk. The shelf for the keyboard prevents me from sitting as high as I need to to hold it right without major injury to my wrist 🙁

038/366 [2012] – Work-Out Space

Holy shit, that’s a small space I end up working out in that space. Yeah, I have to do it very carefully.

Boxes are for goodwill. Oh, and Valentine’s Day stuff for Daisies 😀
Clear tub? That’s socks. Wanna sort for me?

037/366 [2012] – Highlights

I gave myself some streaks. I like them.
This will be my new color once I can dye again 😀

February Photo of the Day–Days 07 & 08


Day 07 – Buttons … my laptop. Yes, it’s a little dirty. It’s four-years-old. What do you expect? Soon, it will be upgraded: HP Pavilion dv6-6c16nr 15.6″ Entertainment Notebook PC. I am completely excited Open-mouthed smile

Day 08 – Sun … I took a little liberty with this. There hasn’t been much sun to be seen in Kansas, at least my area, today. So, instead, I can make my own sun, with my tablet Open-mouthed smile

Oooh …

First off, I know, I know! I’m behind on the February Photo of the Day pictures. I have them, I just haven’t posted them Open-mouthed smile

Second, I’m needing a good carpet cleaner machine. We’re considering renting a rug doctor. We don’t need to worry about carpet cleaning Durham NC, but we do need to find something Open-mouthed smile

I’m exhausted. Physically. Sleep has not been my friend. Weird dreams.

Why do I keep dreaming that I’m pregnant? What is the deal?