Oh Hai Long Weekend

I have my first P365 layout done!! Like right on time Open-mouthed smile There has GOT to be something wrong with me. Maybe not, but I like to pretend so. It’s DONE! That’s all that matters!!


Background Paper: Colors of My Life by the
Week 1 border: Creations by Julie
Date tags: Colors of My Life by the designers
Living tag: by
Spoon:   by the GS designers
Cheesy WA: by SK Designs [Available 1/13/12]
Swirl and Hearts: by Laura Marie Scraps
Play w/Me WA: Creations by Julie
Whatever WA:
Busy WA: : January – Mega Stash by


Sunday: I feel pretty, so pretty. Good first day of 2012! It was nice having Josh home all day!
Monday: Mmm, Special K. It’s what’s for breakfast. That was ate at 11am. I love sleeping in!
Tuesday: I went a little unique and different with dinner. The kids loved that I added chili powder to the dinner!
Wednesday: I need to remake my “Word of the Year” art. I also need to print more photos!
Thursday: I wasn’t ready for the early wake-up. I was tired!
Friday: Josh had the day off! We went all sorts of places. It was NICE hanging out with my husband all day!
Saturday: Another day off for Josh. He was on a cleaning binge, so I spent most of the day hidden in the bedroom. What? He suggested it!


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