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2010 Revisit–Day 197

197/365 - Window to the Soul

I tend to get a lot of shots of my daughter’s eyes. The color is never the same, no matter the shot.
I love that about her!

2010 Revisit–Day 175

175/365 - No "Butts" About It

My kids got matching shirts from my parents. Front has the horse faces, back has horse butts.
I couldn’t resist a picture of them looking at each other with their backs to me. SO CUTE!

Christmas Is Upon Us

Can you believe that in less than 2 weeks (NINE DAYS Surprised smile) Christmas will be here?!

This year, we have an Elf to help the kids stay on the straight and narrow. He’s helping. They didn’t believe it until they got a note from him, saying they needed to straighten up Winking smile


Kit: Dear Santa by Down This Road Designs & Sugar Pie Scraps

Template: Connie Prince

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I Had a Baby!

Made you do a double take, right? No, I didn’t. My best friend, Julie did!

Photo (5)

stolen from her momma’s FB

Abigail May
Born at 6:32pm
7lbs 15oz
21 inches long


Stolen from her daddy’s FB

Seriously, she’s adorable! I can’t wait to see her. I’d planned to go and see her today, cameras in hand, but sadly, Ethan’s home sick and I feel like absolute SHIT too, so I’m not taking any risks with her health!