Daily Archives: 6 December, 2011

It’s a Madhouse

A madhouse I tell you! Not really, but it’s fun! I am LOVING making stuff using pictures I take of the Girl Scouts!


Template: Give Thanks by Connie Prince
Kit: Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince
The Brownies earned their cooking badge (or something like that). It was a lot of fun; everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

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Ink Me Baby

On Brownie Scraps, we were discussing Christmas lists. One of them included printer suggestions Open-mouthed smile. I don’t mean a receipt printer or anything, but actual printers. I pimped out my HP D110a that I got for $50 last year. I love this freaking printer. But, the best suggestion, in my opinion, that I could have given is to not just base the choice on what options the printer has, and how cheap it is. Look at the costs of the ink replacements. Mine are about $14-30, depending on which ones I’m buying. Black is cheap. I’ve replaced it twice. Maybe three times, max. Color? I go through it like it’s toilet paper. Actually, I think I go through ink faster. Why? Because I love to print hybrid projects. I also take a lot of pictures, and I like to print those out as well.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new printer, make sure you check out the costs of the ink as well!


All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Oh wait, that’s what my kids want. What I want, I honestly already have, or will be getting soon. I have an amazing family. I’ve got my Keurig. Hell, I even have a Peyton Manning Colts jersey sitting somewhere in our bedroom. I just can’t open it until Christmas. Fuckers! Just kidding. No, I have the jersey. I’m just not that pissed. Hell, my mom is even sending me a Colts Nutcracker. Nutcrackers are a tradition for me. I love the things. What I want to get with Tax Return though … the BIG tax return spendage … is a new laptop. I am not sure if I’m going with Dell XPS or HP DVT series, but both are looking pretty good. I loved our hp desktops, even this one, which recently got a graphics card update. Next update on it is a power supply upgrade. Best Buy has them! I’m excited.

Now to get through the holidays … and being THIRTY and I’ll make it!