Daily Archives: 3 December, 2011

Five Days

Five days until I turn 30 Surprised smile

Seriously. When did that happen? Really? Already. Nope, not allowed to happen.

This week truly has not been that exciting. I went out last night with my Girl Scout Leaders. Well, the Brownie and Daisy leaders, plus the main troop leader. It was okay, though, because we mostly discussed Brownie and Daisy activities. There are a few activities that the Daisies and Brownies will be doing alone because the Juniors will also be having their own activities. Good news is that it looks like I’ll be going to Camp Daisy with the girls in May, because, right now, most carriers want the weekends AFTER off! Sadly, it doesn’t coincide with Ethan’s trip, which they’re still not even sure when it will happen.

There will be more camping going on again, as a troop, from what it sounds, in mid-April. Thumbs up The Daisy/Brownie trip will be most likely Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.

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