You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

December’s Gingerscraps’ Buffet makes that song pop into my head. It’s called “” and trust me, the name FITS! The Buffet is just AMAZING. Seriously. I dare you NOT to find something you enjoy in it!!


Calendar Template | Test Tube Box template | Tree is part of the buffet Open-mouthed smile

Don’t forget to check out the at as well!! is the creator, and since I’ve seen the full kit, I can honestly tell you it is stinking CUTE! It’s not your stereotypical Christmas kit. In fact, it’s not a Christmas kit at all!! It’s PERFECT for any type of picture though! Remember, if you miss a piece, it will be for sale in January Open-mouthed smile

Some MORE big news: is guesting for December!! I used to be on her CT (just a guest gig), and trust me, she makes some AMAZING designs. Her designs have gotten BETTER since I guested for her, if that’s possible! So, check it out!


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