Okay, I am preordering for now on!

Okay, I am preordering for now on! by TM2TS
Okay, I am preordering for now on!, a photo by TM2TS on Flickr.

Josh pre-ordered this for me. It came out today. It arrived today! *w00t*
Thus far, already ♥ it! Such a great way to play.
Maine Coons!

Yes, I made a Cat Lover sim. You know it.

Ugh, I am SO exhausted though! So sleepy!

It has been insanely busy the past two/three/four days.



  • Girl Scouts
  • Grocery shopping
  • drop off truck at Yinglings


  • Take Josh to work.
  • Pick up kids at school, because a GS forgot something on Saturday
  • Pick up Josh


  • Take Josh to work
  • Take kids to school
  • Pay for truck
  • Get the rest of the GS stuff I wanted to do for Saturday
  • Pick up kids
  • Pick up Josh
  • Pick up truck at Yinglings

See! I have a reason to be exhausted!!


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