Wind in Kansas

I have sound proof (hee hee) of how hard the in blows. I should have taken of it while it was blowing the curtains straight out, or I nearly got knocked over trying to get in the door.

I love Kansas. On days like today.

Tomorrow, the kids get out of school early. Tomorrow, I head to Wal-Mart to get Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and then I head to Dillon’s to get RenFest tickets and pizza or something for dinner. I might pick me up some lunch while I’m there as well Open-mouthed smile We’re gonna veg in front of the TV and watch it when they get home. Open-mouthed smile Break out some Boy Scout popcorn (you can still BUY SOME … if the URL doesn’t work, look for Ethan H, with the zip of 66618). All that fun stuff Open-mouthed smile.

Now wish me luck I don’t kill them before then.


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