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It’s Been 10 Years


Ten years ago, and I made it official. We’re together. Since then, we’ve moved to another state, we’ve had two children, and he’s switched jobs. Oh, and with that job he switched locations once, as well Open-mouthed smile

We’re working on car loan #2. We almost bought a house, but we’re deciding to be super picky on that with no issues on that.

Josh, I love you. I love everything about you. Thank you for being you, and for loving me!

and now some #dig scrap layouts.


Kit, alpha, week WA: Scrap Your Life Mega
Heart, WAs: by Sugar Pie
Tag: by
Strike flair: by
Law tag, courage WA: Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince


Kit: My Sugar Pie by Sugar Pie Creations


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