A Quick Re-read

I reread The Wedding in White by last night and a little this morning. It was a fast read, simply because I’ve read it several, several times. I’ve read it so much I had to buy the Kindle version because my paperback version was falling apart. Literally. I was finding pages on the floor, when I’d sit it down. That makes this book nut very sad. It’s one of the biggest reason I’m such a fan of the Kindle (and the Nook … Color [Better, Krissy 😉 ?]). It makes crazy re-readers like me less worried about losing a whole book, especially when they stop making copies of it.

Well, back to the book. It’s set in Medicine Ridge. I think it’s part of the Long Tall Texans series, but please, don’t quote me on that. Looking at Diana Palmer’s website, apparently not. :O Well, anyways.

The characters are Mack and Natalie.

Natalie’s “first love” died when she was 17, and Mack was there to comfort her. She was “imprinted” (if you read the book, that part makes sense, I PROMISE) and, so was he.

The book, all in all, is pretty good, but I didn’t like Whit, Mack’s sister’s boyfriend. He kind of ruined the story for me. But I understand that he was necessary to get the story moving. He was the catalyst to make Mack realize how much he wanted and needed Natalie in his life.

I read a few of the Amazon reviews, and I’ll have to agree with a few.

I did find some of the phrase & expressions to be very repetitive. She used some of the sayings over & over again. That’s my only real complaint.
Comment from ThisThatNEverything on Amazon.

This one is especially true. She does tend to use the same phrase continuously. Refer back to my “imprinted” comment, and that’s one.

But, like I said, all in all, a good book. If you’re into , Diana Palmer, and “white weddings”.


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