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Yesterday, we gave the kids the option to walk with us during the , or I would sit out with them. They decided to walk. Six blocks up and six blocks down. Only complaint was when I had to “herd cats” with them because they walked in a zigzag, Laughing out loud. Otherwise, they were SO amazing!

Josh in his union-supporting shirt (carriers are given the option of joining the … National Association of Letter Carriers). There are three or four unions in the USPS Open-mouthed smile

The kiddos waiting patiently. We stood around for about a half-hour while we waited for the parade to start Open-mouthed smile They never ONCE complained In love

I just LOVE how my auto-focus focused on the shirt. The people in them were important, but the camera thought the message was more so Be right back

Pretty good turn-out, considering a lot of these carriers are on their ONLY day off, minus Sundays because the PMG has cut jobs left and right by eliminating routes.
OH … and if anyone is curious: the USPS WOULDN’T be struggling if Congress didn’t have them paying a $8.7 billion or something like that for future retirement benefits. Ethan’s children have benefits pre-funded already because Congress OVER CHARGED :O

The one without sunglasses is Josh’s brother, Jesse. SEE! Whole is part of the USPS Thumbs up His dad didn’t show up for the rally/ though Crying face

After, we had hotdogs, chips, and soda (I opted for water :P), in front of the Capital building, listening to some speakers, including Chad Manspeaker, a very big voice all over Topeka (he’s active on Twitter, Tumblr, etc). Messenger
Kids were so good we treated them to a milkshake from McDonald’s. The best part of the day, I think, was the kids realizing the reason for Labor Day. Not for the candy parade, but because it supports ALL of our local workers, every single one.
How did you spend your ?


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